We chose to work with Smeca because

Founded in 1978. Smeca was the first company in Italy to manufacture articles for beach and garden use in anodised aluminium. Today, after more than 30 year of experience and investments in specialised manufacturing processes and highly skilled labor, we have become leaders in the field. The request for high quality Smeca products lead us to cross national boundaries in 1982 when we began to sell customers in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Today our current distribution in reaching even further as we now have dealers all over Europe and many parts of the world.

For years, Smeca has been making superior quality products for outdoor use. We carefully select only the highest grade aluminium which is treated with a protective 20 micron thick anodizing process, and cut and assemble our frames using precise machining and skilled craftsmanship. Smeca chairs and sun-beds are ideal for all kinds of indoor or outdoor use and are perfect for beaches, swimming pools, parks and gardens. The anodizing process protects the aluminium from rust, making them particularly resistant to the elements, and guarantees the long life of the product.